Sequins & Discs


Our sequins and discs are available in a variety of colours including silver holographic and clear iridescent; all of our sequins are available in a standard size of 3mm.

Sequins are extremely versatile and can be used in number of ways; primarily for arts and crafts and as fashion embellishments.

As part of our sequin range we also stock discs. Designed to provide a smooth and flat finish, discs are sequins without the hole and are available in three different sizes; 3mm, 5mm and 8mm.  These are perfect to get a similar sequin look but in a bigger size. Our sequins and discs are phthalate and PVC free and are also solvent resistant.

To get a clearer indication as to colours we have available, have a look at our sequin catalogue.

We also offer an exclusive service to manufacture any colour of sequin or disc required upon a minimum order, allowing us to work with the client to achieve the individual look they want to create.

If this is a service you are looking for or have any other questions regarding our sequins or discs, please contact us.

PDF Sequin Shade Card

PDF sequin shade card

PDF Disc Sample Card

PDF Disc Sample Card