Fashion Transfers

Packtex specialise in creating exclusive, in trend and fashionable iron on transfers. These can be created from any of our rhinestones depending on the costing and finish you are looking for.

Our in-house designers put together the artwork to create current, relevant and exciting designs to suit you. Samples are then produced swiftly for client approval before placement of order. We are happy to experiment with designs and can create several artworks either using different sizes or different colour blocks until our customers are pleased with the result. Working with the client through the entire process ensures a high quality of service and satisfaction.

We have one of the fastest turnaround times in sampling and production within the industry and are happy to work with customer deadlines and dates.

Following the up and coming catwalk and fashion trends ensures that our designs regularly make their way in to some of the biggest high street stores including River Island, New Look and Asos. This is a testament to the quality of Rhinestone Transfers from Packtex.

Our transfer e-catalogue below gives you a brief idea of the types of transfers we can create. For further information or to discuss your ideas contact us today.

Fashion Transfers

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